Call of Duty Mobile: Reward for Hunt for Makarov

Call of Duty Mobile recently launched a fresh content in the game with plenty of rewards to offer. The “Hunt for Makarov” is live in Call of Duty Mobile Season 10. “Vladimir Makarov” is a popular villain of Call of Duty. Now in the latest Season 10, players are asked to hunt down the Makarov. The hunt has already started, and it will be over on 1 October, but there are several rewards related to this mission that players can earn.

Call of Duty Mobile officially confirmed about the mission through their Twitter account. In the video post, they posted a Season 10 gameplay video. This mission is huge, so the rewards too. By playing the Battle Royale or multiplayer mode, players can earn the explore points.

To unlock a new event, players have to complete twelve stages first that will also provide exploration points. Exploration points depend on the player’s playtime. So, the more players play the game, the more points they will earn after completing. The content and reward of every stage are different from each other. Once you finish the entire stages, they can get the “Makarov’s First Horseman Frame.”

“Exploration Points” indicate how much exploration and items a player has found during the challenge. So instead of simply completing the levels, players have to explore the items to get the exploration points. If you successfully earn enough exploration points, you can get the calling cards, amazing skins, and more rewards.

  • SMRS Forest Felt skin
  • Smoke Grenade Forest Felt skin
  • Backpack One Iridescent skin
  • S36 Iridescent skin
  • Frag Grenade Forest Felt skin
  • Striker Forest Felt Skin
  • Ninja Forest Felt skin
  • Knife Iridescent skin
  • Beastly Pursuit calling card
  • Man-O-War Iridescent skin
  • M4 Feral Stalker skin
  • BK57 Forest Felt skin
  • Makarov’s First Horseman Frame

Call of Duty Mobile launched in 2019, and since then, the popularity graph of the game keeps rising. By launching various challenging modes, Call of Duty Mobile earned much appreciation. They once released the zombie mode but removed after a few months. The total focus of Call of Duty Mobile is on the entertainment of the players. Every week, developers release new tasks to complete. Some of the tasks are long enough that run through a couple of few weeks. In terms of entertainment and challenge, Call of Duty Mobile is currently on top. Call of Duty Mobile also provides free rewards to players which is quite nice for gamers.

Recently an interesting rumor spreading out that Call of Duty: Warzone will release on mobile. However, there’s no confirmation of this, but if this happens, the experience of Warzone will replace the Call of Duty Mobile. It will be interesting to see if there’s space for both games on mobile.


In the mobile Battle Royale games category, Call of Duty Mobile is a top-rated game. Players are getting challenges and rewards every week. The Battle Royale experience in Call of Duty Mobile is unique and better than many mobile Battle Royale games. Currently, the Hunt for Makarov event is active, and players have to complete it to win special rewards. 

SOURCE:- Call of Duty Mobile: Reward for Hunt for Makarov

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