Spellbreak: Guide to Use Conduit Class

Among all six different types of classes in Spellbreak, Conduit Class may stun you through its power if used in the right way. “Conduit” Class is a completely different class from other classes. It does not have explosive abilities like Pyromancer or as tanky as Stoneshaper. Conduit has enough abilities hidden in its sleeves that players can access. So here is the guide to striking down the opponents using powerful, electrifying moves.

Conduit Class Overview

Conduit is a lightning ability that shines because of its high DPS value in close and medium-range. Its primary attack is Lightning Bolt. It’s a fast move that deals amazing damage, but when using it on a long-range enemy, its damage decreases. It cost less mana, so it allows the player to use 6 bolts back to back before running out.

The Lightning Strike sorcery will call for an extremely powerful lightning strike attack from the sky. When it hits the opponent, it releases a shock wave and prevents them from using their abilities for a short period.

Every level offers a fresh passive move to boost the power of Conduit:

Level 1: Potential Energy – Lightning Bolt puts +1 damage on every fired bolt until you break off casting, reaching a maximum +5.

Level 2: Overload – Your every Lightning Strike will get +1 Rune charge, but it will max out to +1.

Level 3: Power Surge – When using the Lightning Strike, the mana cost removes all spells for 4 seconds.

Level 4: Secondary Strike – Lightning Strike will strike 4x times/per cast.

Best Secondary Gauntlet

Conduit’s lightning links perfectly with Toxic, Frost, and Wind. Applying the lightning with poison clouds will damage everyone whoever it hits while linking it with the tornado will form a shockwave. The shockwave has more serious damage, and it also hits everyone that comes in range. While the shocking ice trail with the ground makes a shock trap for the one whoever goes through it.

Best Runes and Talents

For Conduit, the two best runes are “Flight” and “Springstep.” The specialty of having huge mobility can benefit the player to put constant damage. Among both, Flight offers better mobility that player to target the enemy while using Tornado and Lightning Strike combos. While in Talents, there are few amazing choices that players can try.

Body: Fervor – It increases the speed of spell casting. Players who have higher DPS, they should use this talent.

Mind: Tracking – When hitting an opponent, you’ll see a red guide outline for the whole squad. Use it as a supporting talent, and it helps you for better team coordination.

Spirit: Thirsty – It improves the Shard and Potion consumption speed, and if your teammates are close to its range, it will only affect 50%. For supporting the team and individual, this skill can help you a lot. 

Best Combination Attacks

Conduits are perfect for the burst damage, but it’s necessary to have some versatile tools to slow down the enemy.

Lightning Strike + Tornado: It constructs lightning tornados that shock the foes and deals with extreme damage.

Lightning Bolt + Toxic Cloud: It fills the toxic clouds along with lightning to damage the opponent through shock and poison simultaneously.

Lightning Bolt + Flash Freeze: Steam of water or puddles turns electrified and deal damage through inside.


Among all six classes, Conduit is packed with some unique abilities. By combining the powers, players can increase their chances of disabling the opponent’s abilities. However, it happens just for a limited period, so it is necessary to keep ready with another move to dominate in battle.

SOURCE:- Spellbreak: Guide to Use Conduit Class

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